Graphic Design

Custom Artwork & Branding

Every event JamFam is involved with, we create a unique branded look and feel for each performance. Every piece of artwork created is delivered to the bands for their own marketing efforts in addition to the municipalities. In order to cover all of the marketing and promotion channels, each piece of artwork is created in 3 separate formats:

  • Rectangular (Horizontal) – This format fits most event headers for Facebook and Eventbrite. The rectangular format also works wonderfully well for local billboard advertising.
  • Square – This format is specialized for Instagram and works with Facebook
  • Letterhead Size (Vertical) – These are delivered in high resolution PDF for printing and distribution by the municipality to local shops, shopping districts and posterboards. This size also works with Facebook.

In addition, if the municipality is hosting five or more shows that are booked with JamFam Productions, JamFam will create a seasonal schedule that will also be branded similarly to the individual events.