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JamFam’s highly experienced Social Media team has over 25 years of combined experience in determining your perfect “Avatar” and lazar targeting them! What’s an avatar you ask? Simply put, the avatar is your target audience. However, correctly targeting that patron via social media isn’t that simple. JamFam lazar targets the avatar when considering their age, gender, geographical location interests (type of music, food, alcohol, sports affiliation), behaviors and most importantly, their musical affinity. The avatar changes according to the type of music you are hosting. One size does not fit all, avatars change depending on musical genre.

  • JFP will grow your social media presence. When utilizing targeted marketing, your audience is naturally drawn to your page, we engage them, schmooze them and ultimately, bring them through your events… and keep them coming back for more!
  • JFP will implement a cohesive marketing strategy that will brand your events, brand your stage and result in…TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness). Consistency is key, the more regular your events are, and the more you are consistent, your patronage will absolutely grow over time.
  • JFP Assets: JFP currently has over 10,000 devoted fans and followers mostly local to New Jersey. JFP is also associated with over 300 Facebook Pages and Groups. Each event will be immediately advertised and shared to thousands of people in your geo-targeted area.

Social Media Content Management

Once advertising and brand awareness begins and tickets go on sale – there are always a flood of questions about the shows… what time does the show start? Can I bring my dog? Is it kid friendly? Questions that must be answered in an expedient manner. The faster you respond to the questions, whether the inquiries come in from the Facebook event, a post or through your messenger or a response on an Instagram Story, the better reputation you will receive among your patrons. JFP is there to field the inquiries.

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